Friday, January 20, 2012

Paragraph on My Family

My Family

The type of family I live in is a nuclear family. As a trend of the present age both of my parents work outside. Both of them are government employees. So, they set out in the morning and return home in the evening. I am a college first year student. I am also busy till afternoon with my college and studies. My only brother goes to university in the morning and comes late in the evening. As I come home early, I pass most of my time either by watching TV or sitting in front of my computer.
I do engage myself but I feel so lonely and bored as I have to be all by myself. Even when my family members return home, I feel lonely because they have no time to talk to me. They are very tired. I sometimes feel that there is none to give me any psychological support. There is none to understand me. But as everything has two sides, a nuclear family like mine has some merits. I have a lot of time to study. I have a room of my own. Nobody comes to bother me. I have a world of my own. I can do whatever I like. And in the weekends I enjoy the time with my parents. They spend much of their time with me at that time. But after the weekends I am again alone.     

Md. Nourozur Rahaman
BCS(General Education)
Assistant Professor of English
Narayanganj Government Women’s College
   Examiner of National University                                             
  Contact:House No. GP(Ja)-96(Ground floor)
            Wireless Gate, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212
         (Behind Hotel Zakaria, Madrasha Lane)
            Mobile: 01715376235     


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